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Life Insurance That Makes Sense

Citadel Financial Wealth Group is here for YOU. We care about making sure you have the best insurance solutions for your needs. This is why we created the Beat My Quote Program- to ensure you have the lowest monthly premium possible. It is also important to understand that the terms of your insurance solutions are just as important as the monthly premium because the wrong terms can cause headaches for you down the road such as:

  • Higher Premiums
  • Insufficient Coverage
  • Paying For Coverage Longer Then You Need
  • Paying For To Much Coverage
  • Not Understanding The Conditions Of Your Policy

Talk to us today and see how inexpensive your insurance solutions can be for yourself and your family’s needs today!

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Accidents Happen, Life Happens, So Be Prepared For The Unexpected. Let Citadel Financial Wealth Group Educate You On Your Options & See How Inexpensive It Could Be To Protect Yourself and Your Family Today!

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The Citadel Financial Wealth Group Social Awareness Program

Citadel Financial Wealth Group believes in supporting our community and the people that need our support. That is why once your policy closes, we will donate to a charity or foundation on behalf of your choice!


If you do not have a charity or foundation you would like to donate to you can choose any one of the foundations we support!


We also plant a tree in your name or any name you choose to give us as we have a unique partnership with FORESTFARMER that allows us to help in keeping our air fresh for a long time to come.


When your policy closes, Citadel Financial Wealth Group gives back to the community, so let’s make a difference together!

Beat My Quote

If you’ve found a quote that you think is great, give us a chance to make it even better. Click the button below to get started and we will make sure one of our insurance agents reviews your offer and ensures your offer is the best on the market. Our goal is to either beat your quote with the same or better features or confirm your offer is the best offer in market for you. One of our insurance agents will contact you within 24 business hours to tell you if there is a better deal and how to get the best terms for your quote!

Client Success Stories

Our clients always come first. Our goal is to help you get the best advice and insurance solutions for your needs. Citadel Financial Wealth Group was formed to help you achieve and protect your financial success, so allow us to help you today. Speak to one of our insurance agents today!